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Wood Rot & Water Proofing

Protect Your Home or Structure Today!

We replace brick moulding.   It's easy but someone has to do it!
We replace window sills..............It's hard work - but fun!
Corners rot often..............We love waterproofing and keeping houses dry, dry, dry!
Notice the routered tops.............The owner was very happy!
More fun.  We used our expert carpentry skills to install these!
This is our sign and uniform..............Nice!
Wow, many lath boards are rotted!  But with the new install, all is well once caulked and painted.
Window sills can be difficult to replace.  Be since we replace them frequently, we're experts at the installation!
We also do gutter repair........Here, we sanded.  Primed with oil-based paint. Then painted 2 coats. 
We are also experts at removing wallpaper.  And painting cabinets!
Colours Painting.  We meet your painting needs. 

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